Paula Rodriguez

Sr. Designer

Paula Rodriguez Portrait

Animator, Gaming Guru, Avid Learner

Powered by an innovative mind, Paula is always looking for new ways to create. Trained in dance and animation, this Senior Designer’s constant creative momentum keeps ideas flowing to breathe life into any project. 

An image can work at a first glance, but when you get closer to it, you discover a small detail that brings something else to the story. – Malika Favre

Originally from Colombia, Paula moved to the U.S. and earned her Digital Arts and Design degree from Dakota State University. There, she specialized in 3D animation and afterwards worked in both in-house and agency roles. Her projects have ranged from static designs to motion graphics for both local and multinational clients.

Paula is always looking for another creative outlet, and thrives when she can experiment with different art forms. She has contributed her artistic talents to multiple Global Game Jams, where she cooperates with a team around the clock to create a video game in a short period of time.

Paula looks to nature for inspiration for a lot of her work; she loves using animals as subjects for illustrations, and enjoys observing how objects move to inspire her animations. Her love of exploration drives her to seek out new abilities and programs to add to her skillset, and she’s always striving to learn new things. At BrandExtract, she appreciates the collaborative process that allows her to further develop her ideas with a team.

Outside of work, Paula enjoys drawing, reading and admiring the animals featured on local zoo Instagram accounts. Her other hobbies include playing (and winning) video games against her husband, as well as spending time with her dog, Mango.  


  • BS in Digital Arts & Design (Specialization in 3D Animation), Dakota State University

  • Animation Bootcamp Certification, School of Motion

  • Visual Essay Production Certification, School of Motion