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John LafitteSenior Developer

John Lafitte - Senior Developer - BrandExtract - John Lafitte is Senior Developer at BrandExtract who is an expert in developing digital brand experiences through programming. Read more about John here.
John Lafitte - Senior Developer - BrandExtract

John Lafitte
Senior Developer

With nearly 20 years of experience in the technology industry, John Lafitte is a highly accomplished web developer. Before joining BrandExtract, John fine-tuned his programming and development skills at T1 Design and CSC while serving clients such as Compaq and BHP Billiton.

“Dealing in absolutes every day, I know the power of proof. You have to perform to earn belief.”

His programming expertise includes C#, Java, PHP, Visual Basic(.NET), JavaScript, XML, CSS, HTML, and other languages. John enjoys the problem-solving, productive nature of working with code and has in interest in open source development and alternative platforms like Unix.

  • Houston Community College
  • University of Houston, Clearlake
Primary Area of Focus
  • Programming

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