Our Brand Experience Process

Science, art, passion and business acumen converge to mold the most precious of your assets. We examine your company from all angles, identify its unique core elements and begin adding layers of culture, communication and behavior. Ultimately, a brand will emerge that reflects your business accurately — one that will grow and evolve to meaningfully engage every one of your customers and stakeholders.

Brand Strategy: Building a strong basis for belief.

In order to inspire others, you must first be true to yourself. In the Brand Strategy phase, we carefully pore over your business to determine gaps between expectation and reality. Conversations with current and former stakeholders give us insight into where and how the new brand can thrive. Using the information gained, our strategists can make recommendations to streamline process or align your business practices with your goals. Once your business is delivering on promises, a strong brand can be built. The Brand Strategy phase is a great brand's genesis and can include: 

The critical space where what your customer wants and what you deliver overlaps is where your brand lives

You don’t own your brand, you manage it. The critical space where what your customer wants and what you deliver overlaps is where your brand lives — and where we help you make believers.


360 Degree Assessment

A careful and thorough examination of your business from all angles. We conduct dozens of interviews with employees, management, current and former customers and stakeholders to determine perceptions and identify opportunities to close those gaps and build a company capable of backing the promises it makes.

Brand Positioning

The pivotal expression of your unique value proposition. What do you do/provide that sets you apart and mitigates the things that keep your customer up at night? What do you stand for that inspires your employees to incredible effort and creativity? We help determine your unique space in your industry, give you the tools to attract your ideal customers and provide the stance that motivates your employees.

Marketing Strategy/Plans

This is the path up the mountain. We will help you map out the proper channels and methods that will best reach all your audiences. And as the digital world proliferates at a mind-boggling pace, you must maintain a vibrant and constantly evolving voice. It's more than a website — it's a never-ending opportunity to cultivate and maintain a conversation with your customers and stakeholders.


We use a brand pyramid model to express your brand position.

We use a brand pyramid model to express your brand position. The higher up you go, the greater the value of your message. At the top, you can see everybody, and they can see you.


Brand Development: Crafting the truth you tell.

Using all the vital intelligence gleaned from the Brand Strategy phase, we are able to begin building the physical manifestation of your brand. This is where your story takes shape. Across a carefully chosen array of disciplines, we rely on our deep design experience to create the tools you will need — from corporate identity and standards to your digital presence — to attract the attention and loyalty of those who will help build your business. In the Brand Development phase, we cultivate several different elements of your brand, such as:


For real belief to take place, all aspects of your brand need to be aligned.

Connect the dots: For real belief to take place, all aspects of your brand need to be aligned. The strongest message is one repeated at every touchpoint.



The most recognizable representation of your brand. But it goes far beyond just a logo. It includes signage, signatures, behavior — anything and everything that can be associated with your business. Carefully crafting the experience to be uniform and repeatable at every touchpoint is key to building belief.

Branding & Marketing Toolkit

All the physical tools you will need to start and maintain the two-way conversation with your customers and stakeholders. We build materials aimed at communicating to internal and external audiences, in both the digital and traditional worlds. From sales support materials to drip marketing campaigns, we provide the means to gain a strong customer base.

Refocused Digital Strategy

A more accurate, easily supported expression of your brand in the digital realm. Relying on decades of experience in user experience best practices and content strategy, we work with you to develop an online presence that will facilitate a deeper, more lucrative exchange with customers and employees. Gain recognition as a thought leader with fresh and relevant content. Be more responsive in a rapidly evolving world. 


Brand Management: Earning allegiance every day.

Your brand isn’t something that you build and hope it thrives. Constant vigilance is what it takes to make believers. We help you manage the growth and evolution of your brand, creating new opportunities and shoring up the established along the way. And with the ever-changing digital world as the standard for conducting business, you need to be sure your digital presence supports your newly launched brand on a minute-by-minute basis. The Brand Management phase of your engagement with us can include:


Remember, you don’t own your brand. You manage it. We help you stay vigilant, while discovering new ways to reach and convert believers.


Identifying and Cultivating New Touchpoints

Build your brand in the most responsible manner possible. Every opportunity may not be a real opportunity. We work with you on an ongoing basis to pinpoint the most effective means for reaching potential believers and maintaining that avenue of communication. Constant testing and revision keeps the relationship relevant and vital. 

Digital Growth Program

Refine your ongoing digital strategy. Opportunities abound beyond your website. Build an online presence that leverages new media, giving you the ability to spotlight your thought leadership to reach believers where they live. Market the content you create to earn support for your brand story and draw a more qualified audience.

Metrics, Reporting, Proactive Analysis

Keep track of the people keeping track of you. Our analytics department tailors a system to track not only who is visiting your digital properties, but also how they are engaging with you. By planning for these metrics, we help you anticipate trends, quickly make adjustments and increase conversions. 

Precise Messaging and Content Adjustment

Stay in step with your audiences by listening to feedback, incorporating analysis results and refining your message. Constant testing, in concert with online analytics, helps us fine tune your message and maximize ROI.

Ongoing Consulting

Monitor your business on a consistent basis in order to further streamline your practices, refine your messaging and better entice believers. As we've said, a brand needs to be tended constantly. And so does your business. We keep a constant eye on your processes, your performance and your culture to ensure your business is still supporting your brand story. Your business and your brand need to evolve in lock step.