Barbara Archibald

Production Manager

Barbara Archibald Portrait

 Jersey Girl, Dog Mom, Keen-eyed

Hailing from New Jersey, Barbara uses her expertise in agency production management to steer our team toward success. Barbara has over 25 years of ad agency experience and one of the friendliest demeanors you'll ever find. In her spare time, Barbara dabbles in photography, gardening, and taking care of her animal rescue dogs. You should see her sweet labrador, Molly.

Production management is like a gravitational force, helping keep brand management and creative folks grounded in reality, and not spinning off into space.

Before joining BrandExtract in August 2018, Barbara cultivated her production and project management expertise at prominent agencies including J. Walter Thompson, Stan & Lou Advertising, and BRSG Advertising. Meticulously organized and passionate about production work, she ensures we deliver high-quality projects on-time.

As befits someone who appreciates BE's transparency with employees, this diligent production manager (and former bartender!) facilitates communication and collaboration across our departments, acting as the focal point for all print and production projects. Passionate about seeing a product from concept to completion and playing a vital role in that process, Barbara’s astounding attention to detail, dedication to perfection and natural ability to keep things moving forward keep us all motivated.

Outside of the office, you can find Barbara and her husband exploring and photographing new places, binge-watching the latest hit on Netflix or loving on her dog, Molly.