Doug Timmermeyer

Creative Director

Doug Timmermeyer Portrait

Design Buff, Comic Book Fan, Storyteller

A man who studies design in everything, Doug uses his keen eye and attention to detail to ensure that whatever brands he creates, they always inspire belief. Doug wants nothing more than to continuously create and for others to feel inspired to do the same. This makes him ideal for his role as BrandExtract’s Creative Director. Friendly and Intelligent, Doug is always excited to discuss how design principles appear in everyday life

Eventually everything connects…  — Charles Eames

Midwest born, but Texas raised, Doug fell in love with graphic design and stories at a young age thanks to his passion for comic books. He attended Texas Tech University and earned a BFA in Design Communications. 

Doug’s design experience has taken him from print to digital, from identity design to systemic brand development, and from advertising to experiential design. Each touchpoint has taught him to look at how it all connects.

Over the years, Doug discovered a second love, brand strategy. Doug always enjoyed the marriage of design and storytelling, and with brand strategy, he found that he could help companies truly express their stories. This led Doug to join BrandExtract. 

Doug’s hopes at BrandExtract is to build a team that constantly inspires each other and our clients. He believes that whatever BE creates, it should bring out the best in people.

Outside of work, Doug continues to nurture his artistic curiosity by practicing photography and listening to podcasts on architecture and music. He also continues to dig into the branding process through a variety of media, such as podcasts, film, books, and even his comic books.


  • BFA in Design Communications, Texas Tech University