Will Cooley


Will Cooley Portrait

Front-end Fan, Esports Pro, Educator

No matter the project, Will is always looking to satiate their curiosity. As a developer, Will is driven by a love of creation, and building a quality end result from scratch. Their thirst for knowledge pushes them to keep growing their skills, and they take joy in discovering new areas of opportunity for learning.

Crafting and honing imagery with front-end development is a way to create something out of nothing.

Will earned a Bachelor’s in Computer Graphics from Purdue University, where they developed a passion for front-end development and creating imagery for the web. Will’s career has since taken them through a variety of roles in development and operations, further honing their skills and allowing them to adapt to a countless number of frameworks as the industry rapidly changed over the past decade.

When approaching any problem, Will adopts a methodical approach—they value meaningful data and analytics to guide their development decisions. Using sound reasoning to back up their code ensures that their work has a clear purpose, and results in high-quality web development with an intentional vision.

Always willing to share their expertise with the next generation, Will has acted as an instructor for a variety of organizations. Each summer, they teach front-end development remotely at SMASH Academy, a college prep nonprofit for first-generation students of color.

Will is an explorer outside the office, too: when they’re not coding away, Will enjoys cooking new dishes and traveling to new places. And if you’re thinking of challenging them to a match at the arcade, think twice—Will is a former competitive fighting game player!


  • BS in Computer Graphics — Purdue University


  • SMASH Academy — Project Coordinator