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The Brand Experience

At every point, with every word and every action you and your company are telling your story. We help you make it one that rings true with all your customers, employees and stakeholders.

Learn who you are, then give them a reason to believe in you.

We are passionate about helping businesses discover what matters, to understand where they are most relevant to their customers. Out of this passion we derive our raison d’etre: to build for those companies brand experiences that are universally positive and that resonate with their audiences.

We know that an expertly designed brand experience can impact sales volume, help launch new products, encourage greater employee loyalty, and open new doors of opportunity. Effecting change for the better in every area of your business…that is our purpose.

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We use a multi-phase, collaborative process to build your brand experience.

Unlike a typical marketing firm that specializes in only web design, or only advertising, BrandExtract combines over a century’s worth of experience from a wealth of disciplines, from business consulting to change management to UX to IA. By assembling such varied talent under one roof, we’re able to tie in all the elements of the branding process and produce a seamless final product.

Our comprehensive brand process has three parts and can be summed up as strategy, implementation, and management. During the strategy phase, we serve as your consultants to determine what your customers think about you and where you can best focus your energy.

From there, we build the missing parts your business needs in order to accomplish your goals. These are the tools, both internal and external, you can use to tell your story every day, in every way.

Along the way, we will help you track results, determine what’s working and what’s not, and help you adjust accordingly. Your world is always evolving, and so should your brand.

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Believers are loyal enthusiasts, devotees, fanatics — your customers, employers and stakeholders. The story you tell is part of them, part of what defines their day or their duty. It’s something they’re proud of, and something they’d miss if it were gone. That’s why they’re willing to drive farther and pay more for it. To work harder and get more creative. And do it again and again.

Brands that believe.

Here are some brands we’ve helped to create, transform or grow. In some cases, all three.