We Make Believers

Our purpose is to help your company create opportunity, transform itself and grow its presence and influence.

We create opportunity.

We identify and grow it where it didn’t exist before. New doors to open, more avenues of growth, new income streams. This invariably requires some vision. Whether it’s a new way of looking at your industry, another market for the product portfolio, or a fresh perspective on the sales process, we’ll help you see things in a different light.

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We help you see the real you.

We start by taking a good, hard look at your company from all sides. Our branding consultants and MBAs work to uncover gaps between perceptions and reality, between where your industry is headed and where you are headed. We'll get to know your products and services and compare their promise to your customers' needs. If you can identify where your brand is falling short of your customers', employees' and stakeholders' expectations and fill those gaps, you can create new opportunities for growth — and belief. 

Do something more. 

Based on what we uncover, our strategists are able to make actionable recommendations, ranging from the low-hanging fruit to long range transformation. These can include elevation of your sales messaging, the productization of services, a new product launch or even revolutionizing the way your industry functions. The goal is to find new ways to reach potential customers and employees and tell them your story. Or, the goal could be to reach your current customers and stakeholders in order to reinforce their belief. Or maybe it's both. Read a little further and see how we've created opportunity for companies like yours by:


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We transform companies.

Often, a company will come to us looking for a new brand, when what they need is a new outlook. Our branding strategists work with you to determine what kind of company you really are and show you the steps to becoming that company. Shifts in thought, strategy or culture (or all three) can move your company from fiercely contested waters to open ocean. 




Change what you do. And others will follow. 

When we get involved, your customers' belief isn't the only one we affect. Ask an owner what business they are in, most will respond with the product they manufacture or the service they provide: exploration and production, outsourced human resources, medical devices. But when we were able to convince these owners that they were in the business of delivering confidence, or affecting what really matters, or helping people change the world, that's when a real and believable brand emerged. That's when their business changed from being a provider to being the provider.

Company culture: it's what's inside that counts.

A company's culture can play a huge role in profitability. When you can elevate your workforce's thinking from making widgets to making a real difference, people get inspired. To work longer. To work harder. When you transform your company into a cause, passion takes over. Or when you can align your workers' goals with the company's, the bottom line swells at the same rate as productivity. All it takes is the belief that you can change. 

Alter your recruiting message for the better. 

Transformation can affect the bottom line in indirect ways, too. Rather than competing with rivals for top talent, elevate your story. Evolve your brand to be one that recruits can care about, not just work for. Don't tell them you are the best, prove it.

We have developed and implemented successful programs that inspired change for clients eager to build a stronger brand through transformation. They include:

  • Internal communication strategies and campaigns that build enthusiasm and team unity.
  • Sales training plans and materials that lock up more contracts and close more deals.
  • Recruitment campaigns that attract the brightest, most talented people, and prep them for successfully integrating into the culture.

This process can be challenging, messy, daunting even. It should be. It very likely will redefine who you are as an organization, and free your business to be a more exciting and vital company.


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We grow your presence and influence.

The greatest benefit to re-examining, re-aligning and re-launching your brand is the positive energy it will infuse into your company, your people and your bottom line. And the energy is infectious. As more people become ambassadors for your brand and company, so grows the importance of proper managing and feeding. Do it well and the possibilities are endless.  



Determine your voice. And your megaphone. 

Once we craft your story, it is our responsibility to make sure it is heard. By the right people. At the right time. BrandExtract's brand strategy experts work with you to plan the correct method for telling your story. And once it's being told, we will listen to your customers' feedback in order to make adjustments, refinements or evolutions.

Connecting all the dots.

This is a phrase you will hear up and down the halls at BrandExtract. Because that's what we do very well. Integration of action and message across every touchpoint magnifies the power and the veracity of the brand experience. This is a key component in recruiting — and keeping — believers. If a customer can verify others have had the same positive experience with your brand that they have had, they will feel compelled to share it with others. 

Maintain momentum.

The worst thing your brand can do is become stale. Reaffirm your customers' belief in your brand by creating a constant two-way conversation, then actually listen to what they say. They will give you great feedback on what they like, what they don't and how to best reach them. Then, act on that data. Make adjustments in your messaging and processes to reinforce your brand. As you reinforce and evolve your brand according to the feedback, your customer base grows, you draw better talent and you build your bottom line. 


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