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BrandExtract Activates Brands with Sales and Marketing Automation Experts

August 16, 2016

Brand experience firm BrandExtract, LLC. is pleased to announce new service practices for sales and marketing automation. Heading the practices will be veteran sales and marketing experts Mark McCary, SVP Sales Programs and Dylan Gray, SVP Sales & Marketing Automation. Traditionally a leader in developing and expressing the brand experience, BrandExtract now gives companies the opportunity to develop more comprehensive programs like account based marketing, sales and marketing automation, sales enablement tools and engagement to proactively manage their brands.

“Our clients have been trending toward wanting more oversight or control over performance and management of their brands with less time and resources,” says Jonathan Fisher, Chairman of BrandExtract. “These newly integrated technologies and consulting solutions improve execution and make everything more measurable for our clients.”

The addition of Gray and McCary helps BrandExtract enhance the firm’s experience in relaunching brands and developing effective marketing strategies by showing clients how to influence the customer journey and prove marketing ROI. The added benefits for customers is they can execute their business strategy not just through branding and marketing, but throughout their sales organization. With automation tools like Pardot and Salesforce, BrandExtract's clients can track results for every interaction with their customers. 

“We identified BrandExtract as a thoroughbred branding and marketing agency with deep experience, solid client pedigree and a modern technology-led approach to solving customer challenges,” commented Gray. McCary adds, “We are bringing a more informed, data-driven approach to build targeted sales programs services like Account Based Marketing, Sales PlayBooks, and Sales Training and Coaching that allows BrandExtract to execute their clients’ marketing strategies.”

BrandExtract can enhance their clients’ marketing investments and deliver greater value through integrated branding, marketing, sales and marketing automation tools, and sales strategies. President and CEO of BrandExtract, Bo Bothe, said “this addition is a major milestone in BrandExtract’s recent investments in helping their clients grow and transform in more ways than before. Our clients are expecting us to not only to brand or rebrand their business, but market and grow it to drive business value.”

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