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BrandExtract Celebrates 10 Years of Making Believers

July 29, 2015

Houston brand experience firm BrandExtract, LLC. celebrates a decade in business on July 1, 2015. Over the years, the company has grown by more than 400 percent, in staff and billings, to become one of the largest firms in Houston.

The tenth anniversary milestone serves as a testament to the firm’s ability to stay competitive in a complex and changing industry. Even in the midst of rapidly developing technology and economic fluctuations, the company has sustained an active growth strategy and expanded consulting services.

In the past year alone, BrandExtract integrated Shable & Associates into the company and was one of the few agencies worldwide to receive the Web Marketing Association's prestigious Outstanding Website Developer Award. Six of the 100 largest public companies in Houston currently utilize the firm’s Web Content Management System, known as SAM.

BrandExtract views this first decade as a launching pad for the next ten years. The company built its foundation by nurturing relationships and making believers – with clients who entrust their brands to the firm year after year, the internal team that constantly challenges itself to grow, and community organizations that share the firm’s passion and values.

“We have always believed we could build a company that did things differently, in a way that works better for both our people and the people around us,” said Bo Bothe, President and CEO of BrandExtract. “As a result of these ongoing efforts to build meaningful relationships, we are fortunate to now have ten years worth of believers in our corner.” 

Over the next decade, the company anticipates taking on even more nationwide and international work, as well as broadening its services to provide insights in emerging fields.

“Our clients should expect the same level of dedication, hard work and focus going forward, plus the benefits of ten years’ experience that we bring to the table. We believe clients should learn something valuable from us at every interaction point. It’s what keeps them coming back to us,” explained Jonathan Fisher, Chairman and co-founder of BrandExtract.

The company expresses gratitude to the many clients nationwide that have trusted and stood by BrandExtract for years, as well as the colleagues and mentors who have helped drive the industry forward.