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BrandExtract Expands Software Strategy and Launches Website for CMS Platform

July 23, 2015

Brand experience firm BrandExtract, LLC. announced the launch of a dedicated website for its proprietary Web Content Management System, SAM (Site Authoring and Maintenance). Along with its public debut, BrandExtract is rolling out a significant version upgrade to the market, as well as to existing clients.

In the ten years since BrandExtract was founded, this marks the first time that the firm has publicly marketed the Web Content Management System. With six Fortune 500 companies already operating in SAM, along with dozens of other businesses, knowledge of the platform’s flexibility and ease-of-use had previously spread exclusively by word of mouth. The new site is part of a strategy to bring the firm’s brand-enhancing applications to a wider audience and market.

BrandExtract’s Vice President of Software Engineering, Donovan Buck, and Vice President of Digital, Malcolm Wolter, began building SAM in the early 2000s to provide clients with a stable web management platform and reliable performance.

“From the beginning, we architected SAM to combine the speed of a static site generator with the ease and convenience of a dynamic CMS. The end result was unrivaled performance and flexibility,” said Buck.

The team has continued to actively develop the software, expanding capabilities and features. Now entering its third major iteration, the upcoming version upgrade will include an all-new, more intuitive user interface with streamlined navigation. Used by non-profit organizations, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike, the latest version of SAM upholds the tradition of empowering marketers to take control over their websites with easy-to-use features and unparalleled user support.

“We’ve spent over a decade working with large publicly traded companies to deliver all the robust functionality they need at a fraction of the cost of other enterprise-ready platforms. Small to medium businesses can benefit from our experience as well, as scalability has always been an important part of the vision for SAM,” explained Wolter.

The platform offers superior flexibility for developers and unmatched simplicity for non-technical users compared to other products in its class.

Learn more about how SAM streamlines web content management for global enterprises and growing businesses. Explore the new SAM website at