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BrandExtract Rebrands NUTECH

April 28, 2014

HOUSTON – Houston brand experience firm BrandExtract, LLC recently launched a complete rebrand for NUTECH, the world’s leading purveyors of reservoir intelligence to the exploration and production community. 

The engagement began with a full brand assessment, and the findings have shed light on opportunities for broader, big picture relationships between NUTECH and its customers.

“The brand assessment revealed a new space for NUTECH to play,” said Jonathan Fisher, Chairman of BrandExtract. “It helped them start a conversation about reservoir intelligence and the comprehensive solution set they provide to the energy industry.”

NUTECH business cards

“Our team is excited about the new brand and what it means for us moving forward,” said Will Deaton, Vice President, Client Services at NUTECH. “We’re talking about ourselves and our expertise in a whole new way. We’re adjusting internal structures, processes and pricing to align with this vision. It really illuminates what it is we do and how we can help clients get more hydrocarbons out of the ground and more value out of their E&P investments.”

“This is a company that provides specific services like petrophysical studies and 3D mapping,” said Leslie Rainwater, Brand Strategist at BrandExtract. “But ‘petrophysics company’ doesn’t truly define who they are and what all they bring to the table. They are much more than that, and the new brand raises the stakes.”

Deaton concurs.

“Throughout their assessment process, BrandExtract helped us formalize a new vocabulary, a way of expressing all the various ways we add value for our customers,” Deaton explained. “Since NUTECH was formed, the industry has understood that we analyze well log data and characterize reservoir formations, which is great for estimating reserves and determining whether a play is worth pursuing. But we also make a significant impact through production by predicting and reviewing field performance, monitoring the efficient use of capital, and driving production goals higher for clients until determining a field has played out.

Image of NUTECH Website

“BrandExtract helped us develop a language and a process for selling that expertise to a broader E&P universe.”

“NUTECH is a great client partner for us,” said Fisher. “What they offer will have a significant impact on the energy sector, especially as the rest of the world starts pursuing more shale plays.

“We’re excited to play a part and help them grow.” 

The E&P industry got its first glimpse of the new brand and its impact at the North American Prospect Expo in Houston in February, where NUTECH was a major sponsor.

You can experience the NUTECH brand by visiting