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Digital Experience and Brand Reveal at Annual PerspECCtives Conference

September 26, 2016

Houston-based brand experience firm, BrandExtract, launched a new brand and website for an association of leaders in the engineering and construction management world, ECC Association, on September 9.



“The new brand and website will address the true and unique value of ECC and better communicate ECC’s mission. The beginning planning and strategizing process was in-depth and revealing, which set the foundation for what turned out to be a new direction for the association,” said Tara Wilson, who has managed the ECC Association since 2002. “Our powerful new brand, visuals, and online presence is exciting to reveal with our stakeholders. BrandExtract has helped us become clearly focused on what direction we want ECC to go, which audience we want to connect with and why we want to connect with them.”

The new website and rebranding process began with a comprehensive discovery and assessment, conducted by BrandExtract. Through evaluations and stakeholder interviews, BrandExtract developed comprehensive goals and strategies for the new brand and digital experience. “Our primary business goal was to refine and clearly communicate the ECC Association brand and vision to ensure the future success and sustainability of the organization,” stated Elizabeth Tindall, BrandExtract Brand Strategist. “We wanted to convey the value of the PerspECCtives Conference and other initiatives, such as the Future Leaders Program.” The new website will serve as a platform to support ongoing promotion and engagement for their annual conference year round.

One of the goals for the new website was to clearly and effectively communicate the purpose and value of the organization, as well as the conference. A key component of the website is the resource section, a collection of previous conference presentations, videos and organizational newsletters to keep members informed. The re-designed section is shareable and allows the viewer to gain greater insight from the robust database of conference sessions, keynote speakers and more.

“By organizing content according to a logical, efficient information architecture and making intuitive site navigation a priority, ECC is going to provide a better user experience with ease of navigation,” said Cynthia Stipeche, Director of User Experience for BrandExtract, “ECC is fostering a powerful platform for career growth, discovering new perspectives and exploring modern challenges - and the new website will help them do so.”

The site was built in BrandExtract’s SAM 3.0 content management system, which provides ECC Association the ability to manage their content with flexibility and adaptability.

Discover the new ECC Association website at

"Fantastic. BrandExtract's support, creativity, enthusiasm, and responsiveness resulted in a powerful launch that was so well received by the owners, contractors, Future Leaders and conference sponsors."

-Tara Wilson 
Managed ECC Association since 2002