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It’s a Revolution: BrandExtract Launches New Website for San Jacinto Monument

November 13, 2013

Houston brand experience firm BrandExtract, LLC has launched a new website for the San Jacinto Monument and Museum as well as a new generation of researchers and students of history.

San Jacinto Home Page

The new site reflects the museum’s mission to educate the public on the importance and far-reaching effects of the Battle of San Jacinto, as well as BrandExtract’s commitment to celebrating the birthplace of Texas independence. The freshened design and immersive functionality add up to an improved overall user experience.

“A great deal of thought went into the design to make the experience as engaging as possible,” said Malcolm Wolter, BrandExtract’s Vice President, Interactive. “Items like interactive maps, image galleries, searchable databases and video bring this important battle, and its repercussions, to life.

“Education was also another consideration,” Wolter continued. “We had to make sure that whatever we included in the site would both inform and entertain adults, schoolchildren, scholars and historians.”

Larry Spasic, the museum’s executive director, said the redesign process provided San Jacinto not only a fresh look, but also a fresh perspective.

“To be able to reach out and share our mission in a very effective and innovative way was refreshing,” Spasic said. “Sometimes it takes a new way of looking at history to rediscover your mission and how you share it with others.”

By applying a well-designed SEO and findability strategy, BrandExtract hopes to dramatically increase traffic both to the site and to the Monument itself, which currently draws more than 250,000 visitors each year.

“It’s always been our mission to help our clients grow and transform,” said Bo Bothe, President and CEO of BrandExtract. “We feel that this new website is going to be instrumental in aiding the San Jacinto Monument and Museum in their goal to reach even more people and educate them on this vital historical event that has affected the history of Texas, the US and the world.”

The new San Jacinto website can be experienced at

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