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Jonathan Fisher Featured Speaker in Employer Flexible Knowledge Series

July 9, 2014

HOUSTON – (July 10, 2014) - Jonathan Fisher, Chairman of brand experience firm BrandExtract, LLC, conducted a Texas-wide speaking tour and webinar as the featured expert in Employer Flexible’s Knowledge Series.

Fisher’s interactive presentation, “Branding and the Power of 10,” focuses on helping business owners and professionals understand, define, and measure the power of their brands.

The in-person events took place in Houston (May 20th), Dallas (May 22nd), and San Antonio (May 29th). During each of the presentations, attendees were given tangible tools to help determine their brand power, such as BrandExtract’s Brand Pyramid, which helps uncover a business’s unique value proposition, and the “Power of 10” formula to estimate branding ROI.

Fisher’s “Power of 10” formula demonstrates that when business operations are aligned with customer need, modest changes of 10% in targeted areas can translate to more than a 48% increase in sales growth.

The public webinar, presented on June 17th on, explains how branding impacts each of these key target areas, including the likelihood of repeat customer business, price point (perceived value of the product or service), and quality of leads.

The presentation also provides tips for evaluating brand effectiveness. By mapping customer touch points, companies can compare experiences to the brand promise to measure if they are delivering on customer needs and desires.

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