BrandExtract develops brand strategy for Chemstations

May 20, 2009

Chemstations IdentityBrandExtract, LLC, an integrated branding and communications firm, has launched the new brand identity for Chemstations Inc., a worldwide leader in process simulation software supplying the process industries and associated fields with its CHEMCAD suite of integrated technologies.

BrandExtract's work included a full brand and market assessment, which led to the development of a new Chemstations brand positioning statement, the tagline "Engineering Advanced," logo, stationery, corporate brochure, print and banner ad, product CD design and website.

The new Chemstations logo is an interlocking "c" and right arrow that represents CHEMCAD's easy integration into the engineers' environment as they keep them moving forward. The use of a bright blue and red is meant to create a bold, attention-getting and memorable logo.

BrandExtract made extensive use of illustrations in Chemstations brand program, from the brochure to the website, which the Chemstations target audience can easily relate to and also adds an international feel. Chemical engineers in more than 800 organizations around the world actively use CHEMCAD.

"We were able to capture Chemstations' strategy and objectives and then position and launch Chemstations for growth by integrating our diverse skills. We're thrilled with the results and look forward to helping to take the Chemstations brand to the next level," said BrandExtract President Bo Bothe.

"BrandExtract distilled all of our branding statements into a theme that stands for what we do every day: partnering with chemical engineers to solve complex process simulation challenges," said Chemstations Executive Vice President and COO Steve Brown.

Brand consulting, strategy, and logo and identity development are part of the comprehensive branding and communications services that BrandExtract provides to clients in a variety of industries to help companies grow.