BrandExtract’s ‘Cat Bowling’ Scores Record Single-day Page Views; Teachers, Players and Parents Give the Interactive Game High Marks

November 04, 2008

More than 1 million page views of "Cat Bowling," an interactive game for players of all ages, set a record for game developer BrandExtract. Although played year-round, October traditionally is a peak month for "Cat Bowling" because of its loveable cats and witches Halloween theme.

Not only do players find "Cat Bowling" to be fun and entertaining, it is used as a learning tool by parents and teachers who have been writing in their praise of the game.

"Cat Bowling" scored 1,067.027 page views from 134,345 unique visitors in a single day. Over the last year, players have logged a collective 122,710 hours trying to master "Cat Bowling." The majority of play occurred during business hours.

"Cat Bowling is social media at its finest," said BrandExtract Director of Interactive Malcolm Wolter. "This began as a marketing tool we developed to send to our clients for Halloween. It snowballed through word-of-mouth and was passed from one player to another. We received multiple requests to make the game available for online play."

BrandExtract debuted an updated version of the game, which features flash animation, creative design and, for the first time this year, a scoreboard to up the competition. Throughout October, the high bowler of the week received a free "Cat Bowling" T-shirt, which is now available for purchase through Cafe Press and the BrandExtract website.

Numerous comments submitted to BrandExtract point to "Cat Bowling" benefits: motivational tool in the classroom; stress reliever; learning tool for the disabled; mood uplifter.

Links to "Cat Bowling" appear on several blogs and an Indiana radio station's website. Play Cat Bowling at