BrandExtract's Internal Branding Work Reported in Houston Chronicle News Article

August 18, 2008

BrandExtract, LLC, an integrated branding and communications firm, was featured in the August, 17, 2008, Houston Chronicle small business article, "Firm's job is to maintain a company's brand." The article highlighted BrandExtract's work in the area of internal branding for companies representing a variety of industries.

"Building a strong brand starts from the inside. Internal branding is about delivering a marketing story so compelling that people want to work for you and those who do are fanatic about your brand," said BrandExtract President Bo Bothe. "Our expertise in developing internal branding strategies that align with companies' overall brands, assisting with implementation, and making sure it's sustainable are what our clients depend on us for."

"To effectively manage their brands, companies must look to a variety of touch points. HR communications, Investor Relations, recruiting, operational structures for communications and more all impact your brand," said Jonathan Fisher, CEO of BrandExtract. "The value we deliver to our clients is unique in that we are not just focused on traditional strategy and design systems - we are focused on every opportunity to help companies manage their brands."