When It Hits Ya: BrandExtract Introduces New Stripes Brand on TV

May 14, 2007

Stripes BrandBrandExtract has taken the new Stripes Convenience Store brand beyond the more than 350 stores throughout the Rio Grande Valley, Corpus Christi, Laredo, Oklahoma and Houston to a place it has never been before: TV.

The new brand was introduced in the fourth quarter of 2006 with an introductory campaign that featured outdoor and radio executions. For 2007, the Brand had to grow and be given an identity and a novel look and feel. Stripes approached BrandExtract to create a comprehensive, multi-media advertising campaign for 2007. As the campaign evolved, it became clear that a key element to the campaign would have to be TV executions.

"This Brand's unique personality is based on a message that was best delivered visually," said Greg Giles, BrandExtract's Creative Director for the Stripes brand. "In order for customers to embrace this new Brand, we had to bring this attitude to life and put it right in their faces. TV was an absolute necessity."

The campaign tagline - "When It Hits Ya" - evolved from research that indicated the majority of Stripes' customers were visiting the convenience store based on an urge. The campaign is comprised of eight, fifteen-second spots that feature customers being tackled by foam fountain drink cups, coffee cups, tacos, hot dogs and beer bottles. These spots will air at times of the day in which a customer would most likely feel the urge to make a purchase; thereby, creating the Stripes urge and becoming the impetus for purchase. Furthermore, the spots feature combinations of product aimed at inspiring the customer to purchase "something extra" to go with the single item they were intending to purchase and building the basket.

"The foam costumes in the spots represent the urge for Stripes items hitting customers," said Jonathan Fisher, BrandExtract Principal. "It's a very - pardon the pun - impactful way of getting people to act upon the urge for Stripes. We combined this tactic with a media schedule that targeted specific day parts - spots that feature breakfast items, for example, run at night and early morning to instill that Stripes urge."

Beyond being the main focus of the TV campaign, the foam costumes will also serve as vehicles to promote the Stripes Brand at grand openings, local events, sporting events and Stripes-sponsored events and community education and outreach.

Another component of the campaign includes radio spots that offer a glimpse into the Stripes Urges' motivation for tackling customers. An Army-style drill sergeant motivates these urges, explaining their mission and telling customers about money-saving offers in Stripes stores. Joining the radio and TV is a series of outdoor boards with headlines that express the Stripes brand's irreverent attitude.

"BrandExtract worked closely with us to develop this new Brand," said Ron Coben, Chief Marketing Officer for Susser, Inc., the parent company of Stripes. "This campaign will establish the Stripes brand in the marketplace, give us a strong voice and make the registers ring."

BrandExtract's relationship with Susser Holdings and the Stripes brand extends back to 2005, with the development of the new Stripes logo, interior and exterior signage guidelines and development of Brand messaging and marketing.