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Truespec Flows Forward With New Scalable Web Experience

August 24, 2015

Houston brand experience firm BrandExtract launched a new website for Truespec Energy Products, a manufacturer’s representative and distributor of valve and automation products. The new site offers an improved user experience infused with a sense of the personable, trustworthy customer service central to Truespec’s brand.

BrandExtract previously conducted a complete rebrand of Truespec Energy Products, bringing their distinctive style of fluid collaboration to the forefront of their brand strategy. The engagement involved a complete positioning overhaul, including the implementation of a new company name. The agency created an interim website to solve Truespec’s immediate needs at the time of their brand launch.

To produce the earlier temporary site, the BrandExtract reskinned the company’s existing web content to incorporate the new look, feel and name. This allowed Truespec to market under the new brand right away while the information architecture, web strategy and other brand materials were developed. 

Keeping with Truespec’s “always on” attitude, the newly launched, full-scale iteration of the website is specifically designed to support Truespec’s growth goals.

“Even during construction of the site, Truespec announced new mergers and acquisitions as well as revisions and additions to their product line. Scalability was a key priority. The flexibility of our SAM Web Content Management system made it simple to adapt and incorporate these changes to the site structure,” said Elizabeth Tindall, Brand Strategist at BrandExtract.

Architected for maximum usability, the website promotes quick and dynamic access to product information. The refreshed content positions Truespec as valve experts and key industry partners, while improvements to the site’s SEO help the company reach a broader audience. The custom photography used throughout the site captures Truespec’s collaborative spirit and commitment to quality.

“BrandExtract helped transform our company, guiding us forward from our founding legacy to become a more modern company poised for growth and ready to meet the dynamic and changing energy market. Our brand now provides a strong foundation for us to grow and compete,” said Michael Milam, President of Truespec Energy Products.

Explore how Truespec Energy Products uses fluid collaboration to help its clients flow forward at

Truespec Flows Forward With New Scalable Web Experience